Which National Radio DJ Will Play Your Music?

I remember once writing down this crazy dream: “To hear one of my tracks on national radio”. When it actually happened, I learnt something so invaluable which has lived with me every day since.

Are you sitting comfortably..? As artists we have to let go and let the world decide.

Let me explain… Imagine you had given me a list of every DJ from every national radio station, and asked me “Put these DJs in order – with the most likely to play your music at the top.” Well, the first DJ to support my music was, you guessed it, at the very bottom of that list.

One of the key principles I teach my coaching clients is we can try to predict who will love our music, but ultimately we just have to put it out there and let the world decide. Sometimes through our beliefs we can be the ones who get in the way of letting our music work its magic in the world.

Now here’s the kicker… of all the tracks on the album, which did legendary DJ Bob Harris of the UK’s largest station (BBC Radio 2) play? The most radio unfriendly (in my ears) from the album!

Bob taught me that as artists we can try to second-guess who will love our work, but letting go of what we believe and just putting it out there means the world can decide. As artists we then get the joy of unwrapping each surprise like the best ever Christmas present.

What surprises have you had with your music? Add a comment below and join the discussion.

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