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Every top artist and band have a coach, mentor and adviser. We often think that we have to be successful to have a coach, but the reality is, the more successful you get the bigger your team gets! Every successful artist and band never achieve success on their own. Just look inside the credits of any album and read the “Thank You” section to see just how many people contributed to getting them to where they are now. As a leading Music Life Coach, I am privileged to be able to combine coaching with my own personal experiences as a bestselling recording artist, performer, composer, songwriter, label founder/owner as well as being signed to Warner with a publishing deal. I work with a wide range of incredible people including Grammy award winners, international artists, leading Hollywood film composers, as well as anyone with big aspirations whether starting their music career or looking to reach the next level.

I offer regular one-to-one sessions. If you are interested in finding out what Music Life Coaching can do for you, please select a free twenty-minute Introductory session with me below.

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Think you suck? Watch possibly the most inspiring video ever (Ed Sheeran)

One thing I know for sure is most artist I coach, no matter how successful, have hang-ups about their music ability… Typically I hear: I can’t sing (or “I don’t have a natural singing voice”) I don’t like the quality of my voice I listen to [insert Artist name] and my [insert instrument] playing sucks …

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5 Ways To Make The Next 12 Months YOUR Year in Music

Here are my 5 tips to making the next 12 months your best year yet for music. 1) DON’T QUESTION –  JUST EMBRACE YOUR PASSION If music is core part of your life, it’s going to be that way for the rest of your life. Sometimes you may feel inspired, other days frustrated, but deep …

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The Dream: Getting Your Music In The Charts

A few months ago I was approached by an artist who dared to dream. At the time, chart success seemed like a crazy and distant concept, but I planted the idea in her head and with a strategy and plan in place, the dream has become a reality. Congratulations to Sam – one of the amazing …

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Break Free from the Cubicle

I’m honored to be interviewed this Monday – Apr 25th – at the Break Free From the Cubicle Global Summit. You can register for free here: Break Free From the Cubicle Global Summit Here’s the lowdown… What if you could wake up every day and get paid to do what you love? How would your life change …

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