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Live your Music Dreams with IGNITE TEAMS
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Exclusive coaching from Warner-signed, best-selling Recording Artist (& Worldwide #1 Ranked Music Coach on Google) Mark Desvaux.

I’m pleased to announce a new exclusive “Ignite Team” group starting soon exclusively for musicians, recording artists, songwriters, DJs,  Producers, record label owners (and those looking to start a label).

“Ignite Teams is about living your your music dream. Want to have a #1 album or single? Ditch the day job for music? Play the world’s biggest festival? Hear your music on TV or film? Start your own label or publishing company? Win a prestigious music award? Become a professional songwriter, DJ, producer? Sign a major publishing deal? Your mentor and Coach Mark Desvaux has achieved all these and will help get you to the next level in your music career. Are you ready to get motivated, inspired and go for your dream?”

Personal Coaching & all your questions answered: Songwriting – Syncs – Hit Writing – The Mindset for Music Success – Chart Playlists – Record Labels – Royalties – Music Technology  – The Music Business – Publishing – Studio – Recording – Mixing – Music for TV / Film / Games – Radio Airplay – Composing… and much, much more.


“The most inspiring thing
I have ever done in my life.”
Tony Dennis (Freedom Star Mixing)

A new team opens soon.
Register your interest now to be the first to hear.

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Ignite Team monthly group session with Mark (90 minutes)

During the group you will get 1-2-1 coaching direct with Mark, and benefit and learn from the coaching of all other Team members. Come armed with all your questions about making it in the Music Industry, along with a list of all your music dreams.

Weekly Ignite Buddy Coaching session (60 minutes / week)

You will be teamed up with another Ignite Buddy member to work on each other dreams. Ignite Teams has proven that dedicating just 30 minutes a week to your music dreams will change everything.

Private Music Ignite Team Group on Facebook

Connect & network with brilliant like-minded individuals, declare your music dream, share your success, get help on your challenges  and more…

– Membership to the 4000 Saturdays Academy

Download Ignite Team materials, gain access to exclusive video content only available to Ignite Team members.


SPACE IS LIMITED. To secure your place today sign up today

COURSE PRICE : $97 / month

Prefer 1-2-1 coaching with Mark? Sign up for a free 20 minute session. 1-2-1 coaching starts at $260 (£160) per session.




Imagine an inspiring team of like-minded musicians, producers, songwriters, vocalists and artists who will motivate you to live your dreams… Imagine a supportive team you check-in with regularly, there to celebrate your successes and help you with the challenges… Imagine a connected team where you will both learn and lead by example, creating an amazing network for the rest of your life… Imagine a team led by a Mentor, Coach & Facilitator who has already taken a similar journey to the one you are about to embark on… IMAGINE IGNITE TEAMS FOR MUSIC SUCCESS!

Jane Kelly

“Ignite Teams helped me vocalise my dream
& bring it into the world to share with others”
Jane Kelly


Behind every great success, there is a great team. From amazing athletes to brilliant businesses to conquering champions, they’ve never done it alone.  We only have to open any CD Booklet and read the Credits section to remind ourselves that it might be one artist or band’s name on the front cover, but behind the scenes there is a cast of thousands. Teams work. When it comes to achieving our greatest music dreams, whether an ambitious idea or a life-changing leap of faith, it’s so much easier when we are not trying to do it alone. For many of us, Ignite Teams fro Music Success helps give us that extra push and focus during a week when the business or “busyness” and routine of our daily lives has too often crowded out the really important things we want to do in our lives. Is your life, your dreams, hopes, ambitions and aspirations worth one hour out of the 168 you have each week? When asked what people gain most from Ignite Teams, it’s amazing just how broad the responses are:

Ignite Teams give me…

  • “Huge motivation”
  • “Courage to try the impossible”
  • “Permission to dream big”
  • “Inspiration by hearing other people’s successes and stories”
  • “Accountability for my life”
  • “Knowing I am not alone”
  • “Learning about what I am really capable of”
  • “Knowing how to take action”
  • “Gaining confidence in my abilities”
  • “Really believing in myself”
  • “Really sensing my life is so much bigger than I ever imagined”
  • “An appreciation for the Now”
  • “A knowing that I am here to do something important”
  • “Understanding risk”
  • “Seeing fear for what it is and doing it anyway”
  • “Getting the habit of ACTION!”
  • “A knowing that I am really on purpose in my life”

If any of these resonate with your life right now, Ignite Teams is for you.


“Working with Mark is like having the cheat
codes to living your life’s dreams.”
Sean Jones (aka Jones 2.0)



An Ignite Team is a small group of passionate individuals who are connected by one core value – knowing they are here to do something special with their music and their life. The Team meet once a month online with group training and coaching from Mark Desvaux, Founder of Ignite Teams.

Your Mentor / Coach and Facilitator will:

  • Lead you through the step-by-step Ignite Music Programme – the road-map to making your music dreams a reality.
  • Guide you on your journey.
  • Answer your burning questions about the music industry.
  • Encourage you every step of the way.
  • Help you prevent making costly mistakes (both time and money).
  • Show you the shortcuts.
  • Keep you going.
  • Give you new perspectives to look at your dreams.
  • And ultimately inspire you to success by helping you ignite your music dreams.


Every week you hook up with your designated Ignite Buddy – another member of your Ignite Team – for a highly focused and structured “Ignite Hour” to support each other on your action plan and goals for the next seven days. You act as support, brainstorming and “Accountability” partners for each other. These sessions help you to move “One Step Closer” (OSC) to making your dream a reality. The weekly Ignite Buddy session helps keep your action list and life buzzing throughout the week.


On joining you will receive a comprehensive Welcome Pack and Manual and access to worksheets via the Ignite Library.


Every member is given membership to the private and exclusive Ignite Team Success in Music on Facebook where members of Ignite Teams hang out to:

  • Network
  • Support each other
  • Declare their Dream
  • Celebrate successes as they happen
  • Ask for specific help and advice
  • Learn and share
  • Collaborate
  • Help each other with challenges
  • Connect
  • and DREAM BIG!

We are often very reluctant to ask for help, but in Ignite Teams is it actively encouraged. In the same way we often miss opportunities to celebrate small and big wins in our life. In Ignite Teams, celebrating your successes is essential as it provides inspiration to the rest of the team.

So, what is your passion? What are your life’s dreams? What would make you jump out of bed every morning? What are the impossible things you want to achieve in your life right now?


“Truly Inspiring and amazing! You haven’t
lived until you’ve experienced Ignite Teams.”
Derrick Akapo (Label Owner, WeAreMCR.com)


What do you love about Ignite Teams?
Ignite Teams is like a special culture, where people from all around the world can come together for a bigger purpose and connect with other people who share that same passion.

How has Ignite teams helped you with you’re dream?
Ignite Teams helped me to focus on the daily actions I needed to take to achieve my overall dream. Ignite Teams helps you to overcome your biggest challenges in life. It’s the 1% improvements every day that lead to stunning results.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining an Ignite Team?
You’ve got to do it!



There are only a limited number of spaces, so take action and make an investment in your life that will change everything.


Only $97 per month. This is the lowest membership will ever be, so sign up now to take advantage. (Note: These costs may be tax-deductible for business purposes. Please check with your accountant.)

Giacomo Mazzuccato

“Really useful and exciting both on a practical
and an inspirational level.

Giacomo M.


Try Ignite Teams for 30 days risk-free with a full money-back guarantee if Ignite Teams hasn’t already started to change your life!

Ignite Teams - Get on the Priority List


Click to see FAQ

  • What if I haven’t yet defined my dream? Can I join?

Of course. You are not alone! Many people join Ignite Teams to help define exactly what it is that they want to do. Once they have their focus Ignite Teams gives them the motivation and support to make it happen.

  • Is Ignite Teams all online?

Yes. We are however currently building physical hubs in major cities including Ignite New York, Ignite LA, Ignite London, Ignite Toronto and Ignite Montreal and Ignite Vancouver. Watch this space for more developments.

  • What do I need to take part?

Just bring yourself, your dreams and aspirations! You will also need a headset with mic for the monthly online group sessions. A webcam is not necessary.

  • What if I can’t make every monthly session?

Monthly sessions are recorded for team members that can’t make them, so you never miss out.

  • Can I invite others?

Absolutely. We welcome all applicants to Ignite Teams. Please send use the “Share” at the bottom of this page.

  • Can I purchase Ignite Team Membership for someone else?

Yes. Ignite Team Membership is a unique gift which could change their lives. You can purchase their first month or as many month as you would like. To purchase membership as a gift, please send us a message here.

  • I’d like to become an Ignite Team Facilitator

Applications for Facilitators are currently closed but if you are interested in training to become an Ignite Facilitator, please first join a group as Facilitators need a minimum of six months experience as an Ignite Team member. If you have already been a member for six months, please contact us and we’ll add you to the Facilitator mailing list so you get information when applications re-open.

  • Who started Ignite Teams?

Ignite Teams for Music Success was started by bestselling recording artist Mark Desvaux, Music Life Coach and founder of 4000 Saturdays. You can read more about Mark’s background here.

  • Where can I find out more information?

Please take a look at http://www.4000saturdays.com/blog/ignite-your-dreams/

  • I have another questions not covered here.

Please send us any questions you have here.


Click for examples some Ignite Team Dreams

Your dreams are completely unique to you. One of the best things about Ignite Teams is you join a supportive, non-judgmental and non-competitive group. Any individual’s success is ultimately the team’s success as the experiences gained can be collectively shared for the benefit of the group. Here is a list of example of some Ignite Team member’s dreams:

  • Win a Grammy
  • Get a #1 Album
  • Become Financially Freed Through Music
  • Take my Record Label to the Next Level
  • Receive Royalties from my Music for the rest of my Life
  • Play My Favourite Festival
  • Tour With my Favourite Musician
  • Hear my Favourite DJ Play my Track
  • Become a Professional Songwriter
  • Launch an Online Music Business
  • Start a Record Label
  • Hear my Music on the Radio
  • Start, Finish or Release my Album
  • Get a #1 Single
  • Remix a Track of my Favourite Artist
  • Sign to a Major Label
  • Earn Enough Money to do Music Full-Time
  • Play my Favourite Festival
  • Become a Superstar DJ
  • Win a Brit Award
  • Build A Huge Catalog of Song
  • Create a Publishing Company
  • Write the Music for a TV Commercial
  • Work from Home / Quit the Commute
  • Build a Music Studio
  • Start, Finish or Release a Single
  • Become a World Famous Composer
  • Collaborate with my Musical Icon
  • Play to a Crowd of 5,000 Fans
  • Play to a Crowd of 100,000 Fans!
  • Start a Festival
  • Score a Hollywood Movie
  • Write Music Every Day
  • Become a Music Coach
  • Sign to an Indie Label
  • Become a Music Teacher
  • Write the Music for my Favourite Film Director’s Next Movie
  • Tour the World
  • Start a Music Foundation
  • Leave the World my Musical Legacy
  • Do that crazy idea I’ve had for years that just won’t go away!
  • [ _______________________ ] (fill in the blank!)

Ignite Teams - Get on the Priority List

“I truly believe that we are all born with an inner genius, but most people die with their music still inside them. I created Ignite Teams as a place for people to bring their beautiful dream into the world.”
Mark Desvaux. Founder of Ignite Teams

Listen to Mark talking about Ignite Teams in a recent Interview.