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Welcome to the “” Podcast!

AskMCMark (Ask Music Coach Mark) is my brand new,  ready-for-launch podcast that features a real question submitted from someone awesome like you!

Ready to Be Inspired to Music Greatness?

Each show is a bite-sized five(ish) minute format of top tips and insider advice that aims to inspire you on the way to your music dreams and goals. On popular topics, I’ll also be offering you the opportunity to “Dive Deep” with me with exclusive premium material.

Ask a Great Question and Win my $300 Music Course!

If you win the “Question of the Week” you will win my seven week video course – “The 7 Secrets to Success in Music“. To ask your questions, simple leave a voice mail which I will play at the beginning of the Podcast. Feel free to mention your band or artist name for a little free promo.

Sending in your Question

I want this show to be inspiring, fun and helpful. Please use common sense and show courtesy with your questions. That way everyone wins! Read the following guidelines to give your question the best chance of being picked and featured on AskMCMark:

  1. Please keep your question a max of one minute and aim to be concise and to the point.
  2. If you have a website, you’re allowed to share it only once during the recording. For example: “Hi, my name is John Smith from the UK. I’m in a band called NextBigThing. We’re at My question is…”
  3. To be considered for the podcast, keep your question respectful, non-Spammy and please don’t ask anything really personal such as the colour of my undies…!

Leave Me a Voice Mail Right Now

STEP 1: Get your mic ready, and leave a message by clicking below. It’s magic. Try it! (You get the chance to preview and rerecord it you want).

Please note that by submitting a voice mail question, you are allowing me to use it publicly. Don’t forget to leave your name and email as well.

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(Thanks to Pat Flynn for inspiring this podcast).

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