Your Brand New Track – That Sinking Feeling

So you’ve just finished your latest track. Hours of blood, sweats, tears and EQ’ing have gone into it.

You put the MP3 on your iPod ready to unleash your potential million-selling track onto the world and start with your family or close friends.

After ten seconds they start to tap their foot for encouragement. At one minutes the glazed expression comes over their face and 90 seconds in, they start talking over the track about how awful the weather is.

WHAT! Inside you are dying! If they only know how much time I’d spent. They could at least give me the dignity of listening to the whole thing. You end up feeling flat, and maybe even question whether your track is actually any good.

The fact is that, just like a prophet is never recognised in their home town, neither is an artist. As a Brit, my first radio airplay and big break came in Canada. It was only then that the UK started to take interest.

Firstly, don’t take it personally. If you are looking for feedback get a professional critique.

Secondly. if you are looking for a boost, don’t expect your Gran or Great Aunt to provide it. They’ll tell you what you want to hear and are probably not your target market.

Don’t believe me? Try this test. Pick a recent no.1 hit and play it to them as if it is yours… See what happens.