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How to Create a Stunning Web Site as an Artist, Band, DJ, Songwriter, Producer or Record Label for under $100

To breakthrough into the music industry, it is essential to have a professional online image. Even with the popularity of Facebook, your web site is still the most crucial connection you can have with your current and future fan-base. One of the most common questions I am asked is “How do I get a professional music web …

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Get Professional Feedback on Your Music

Here’s a crazy thought that always amazes the artists and musicians I coach. Have you ever considered that, as you create your songs, you will listen to them more times than your number one fan? This creates two phenomenons. Today I’ll focus on the first – “Ear Blindness” (look out for the second in a later …

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YouTube launches the Netflix of Music – Earning money as an artist has just changed forever

BREAKING NEWS: YouTube have just announced the launch of their new music subscription service “YouTube Music Key”.  I predict this will shake up the music industry the same way iTunes and Spotify have done. Just days after Taylor Swift pulled her catalogue from Spotify, YouTube have launched their premium music subscriptions service, with what call …

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Client Success Stories: Amber Skye – Amazing Recording Artist & Actress

For those of you who caught the US smash TV show The Blacklist which aired after The Voice yesterday, you will have seen Amber Skye. For those in the know, Amber is an amazing Recording Artist who I have been coaching for over a year and she continues to prove that you can be brilliant …

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Why the EDM Revolution Has Only Just Begun

If you were Calvin Harris, how would you spend $66m? It’s a dilemma he doesn’t have time to consider as he is too busy packing 7,000 capacity White-House-sized nightclubs in Las Vegas for a reported $300,000 per set. As the top electronic producer in the world, he might be earning $10,000 per fist pump behind …

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Are you the next EDM Superstar?

EDM Academy launches to find the next Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Guetta, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, Afrojack, Daft Punk, Garrix, Van Buuren?

The Dream: “To make enough money to do music full-time”

One of the most common music dreams people tell me is “To make enough money to do music full-time”. For me this is a brilliant dream to aim for but too wooly. I’ll explain why later. Firstly, this is a really important statement to make. If you could achieve this goal it becomes a stepping stone to …

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The 5 Steps to Visualising Your Ultimate Music Dream

Imagine the scene. You are sitting watching the winners of the World Cup about to lift the trophy and suddenly your track starts booming out of every speaker in the stadium and simultaneously across billions of TV sets around the world. Calvin Harris might have reached the height of success as the world’s top dance …

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Should I be a Recording Artist, Songwriter or Producer?

Today I got an excellent question which is one which you may often ask yourself. Pat asked: “Mark, I have a question about which goal to focus on. I’ve always dreamt of performing my own material to large audiences. However, it’s also been suggested to me many times that I try writing material for other performers. …

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Living Your Dream Is Easier Than You Think

We often look at others who have created something phenomenal in their life and say “She’s living her dream” or “He’s living the dream”. A dream usually feels likes some untouchable, unobtainable, even an impossible vision you have for your life. For most people, that’s where it remains. Forever. The sheer scale of it is …

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