Reconnecting with your Music Dreams

How has your year been so far? As we approach the last few months, many of us will start to look back at the year that was… or wasn’t.

Are you one of the 96% of people that only review their life on 31st Dec whilst lamenting the passing of another year?

This got me thinking… most people will only gift themselves around fifty “moments” to consider the big picture, their life purpose, their legacy. I believe this should be a weekly, even daily focus for all of us.

So I challenge you to take up the 4000 Saturdays “Lifeline” Review. This week is Dream Theme. I’d like to reconnected with some of your big dreams, especially some of your music dreams that haven’t yet materialised. Over the next 7 days I’ll post some handpicked quotes about Dreams to help inspire you to action.

Let me know which ones resonate with you.