What’s On Your List?

One of the most common questions I get from musicians, bands and recording artists I coach is:

“Mark, how can I take my music to the next level? I just can’t get any real momentum going.”

I then ask them, “What goals have you set for yourself?” and often I get a blank stare, or something broad and undefined, such as “I want my music to be massively successful around the world.”

The fact is that without any specific, defined goals, you join the other 99% of musicians who are waiting at the bus stop in the hope they will get picked up by someone.

When I started my music career, I created a list. It was no ordinary list. It was my “Dream List”. I wrote down everything I wanted to achieve, BIG goals. Over the next 18 months I was amazed as I started to tick off each item (national Radio airplay, playing Glastonbury, headlining a major festival, music on TV, #1 Chart success – the list went on!)

How would you like:

– To get played on the radio by your favourite DJ?
– Have your favourite festival call YOU asking to book you.
– Get your music on your favourite TV show?
– Have your favourite film director call YOU asking to license your
music for their up-and-coming blockbuster?
– To DJ at a big club?
– Get signed by a major label?
– Do a remix for a favourite artist?
– Collaborate with a major artist?
– Win a music award for your work?
– Write music for film and TV?
– See your music video on MTV?
– Have your music enter the charts?

It all starts with the dream.

We can sit in our studio all our lives twiddling, or slog the local gig circuit playing to a few people, but the real juice in life and music happens when you start to create and focus on your dream goals. Only then can you allow them to become a reality.

So, to celebrate the launch on Ignite Teams (more on that later), I’m going to coach you for free this Monday on creating your Music Dream List. Join me for a live video presentation on Google Hangouts.

WHEN: THIS MONDAY (11th November for one hour)

10am PST (Vancouver / LA)
1pm  EST (New York / Toronto)
6pm  UK

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If you can make this time, register for the one of the two re-runs

2pm or 5pm   PST (Vancouver / LA)
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10pm or 1am  UK  (for studio night owls!!)

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Looking forward to seeing you there.