How to Get Signed (& Not Blow Your Demo)

Join Mark Desvaux, world-leading Music Life Coach, recording artist and founder of TRL Music and TRL Publishing to learn the secrets of how to get signed.

“Ninety-nine out of 100 demos I receive every month ALL blow the first golden rule of getting signed. It’s amazing that musicians spend so many years,  blood and sweat crafting and creating their music and then blow it all by missing the golden rule of contacting  record labels. It doesn’t matter how good your music is, once you’ve created it, the most important thing is the way you approach labels. Your Success in Music depends on it.”

In this video you will discover:

1. The golden rule to emailing record labels

2. How to contact record labels

3. How to send demos to record labels via email

4. How to target record labels

5. How to sell yourself to record labels

6. Who to target at record labels

7. What is A&R?

8. What does A&R do?

9. Can I send demo CDs to record labels?

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