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Are you the next EDM Superstar?

EDM Academy launches to find the next Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Guetta, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Avicii, Afrojack, Daft Punk, Garrix, Van Buuren?

The Dream: “To make enough money to do music full-time”

One of the most common music dreams people tell me is “To make enough money to do music full-time”. For me this is a brilliant dream to aim for but too wooly. I’ll explain why later. Firstly, this is a really important statement to make. If you could achieve this goal it becomes a stepping stone to …

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The 5 Steps to Visualising Your Ultimate Music Dream

Imagine the scene. You are sitting watching the winners of the World Cup about to lift the trophy and suddenly your track starts booming out of every speaker in the stadium and simultaneously across billions of TV sets around the world. Calvin Harris might have reached the height of success as the world’s top dance …

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What’s On Your List?

One of the most common questions I get from musicians, bands and recording artists I coach is: “Mark, how can I take my music to the next level? I just can’t get any real momentum going.” I then ask them, “What goals have you set for yourself?” and often I get a blank stare, or something broad and …

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Building Your Music Dream Team

When coaching, one of my strategies is helping people build their Music Dream Team. You only have to read the “Thank You” and “Credits” on an album to begin to appreciate just how many people are behind the success of one artist or band. One of the essential Dream Team members (and often the first) …

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